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Stradivarius Je Me Souviens, the fourth work by the prestigious violinist Alexandre Da Costa with the Longueuil Symphony Orchestra within the Stradivarius series.


If previous releases pay homage to Wagner (Stradivarius at the Opera II) and the best-known opera arias (Stradivarius at the Opera I), this new installment pays homage to the most well-known and beloved titles of Quebec pop song, Da Costa's birthplace and headquarters of the Longueuil symphony orchestra.


Once again, Alexandre Da Costa signs arrangements for violin and orchestra of enormous elegance, delicacy and magnetism, which in this case has the magnificent contributions of Éric Lagacé and François Vallières.


J't'aime comme un fou, by Robert Charlebois, La Vie en Rose, immortalized by Édith Piaf, Emmenez-moi & La Bohème, by Charles Aznavour, We Are The Champions by the mythical Freddie Mercury or Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, cohabit in a sound festival conceived by Da Costa to embrace music lovers who come together from the classical universe to pop and vice versa, in a world struck by misfortunes that lead us to claim more than ever the capacity for love intrinsic to the human race.

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Sony Classical releases “Stradivarius Je Me Souviens” album composed of "instrumental versions of well-known and magnificent works loved by the public. Some outstanding songs from Quebec include J't'aime comme un fou, Une chance qu'on s'a, Quand les hommes vivront d'amour, Hallelujah and several others".


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