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​A journey through music and words 

"On this shared journey, we navigate through cities, fostering interculturality, and getting closer to ourselves through the history of poetry and music. We become heirs of the best past to gaze hopefully into the future. We start from melancholy to rescue the emotion of hope."

Luís Garcia Montero


Luís García Montero · San Juan de la Cruz · José Hierro · Jaime Gil de Biedma


P. A. Soler · S. Megías · F. Mompou · I. Albéniz · E. Granados · A. Piazzolla · G. Gershwin · C. Debussy · Prevert-Kosma ·  R. Llorca

Luis García Montero

Luis García Montero, renowned Spanish poet and essayist, assumed the directorship of the Cervantes Institute in 2018. His career includes notable awards such as the National Poetry Prize and the International Ramón López Velarde Poetry Prize. Among his most recent works are 'Prometheus' (2022) and 'Words Are More Flexible Than the Sea' (2023). In addition to his poetic work, he has left a significant mark with essays like 'A Conflictive Order' and novels such as 'Tomorrow Will Not Be What God Wants.' His international influence is reflected in awards such as the Alma Mater from the University of Bologna and recognition with the Madrid Critics' Prize in 2023

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rosa torres pardo.jpg

rosa torres-pardo

Rosa Torres-Pardo, distinguished Spanish pianist and recipient of the National Music Prize, received her training in London and New York. Her versatile repertoire spans from 18th-century Spanish music to contemporary compositions. Recognized for international performances and her recordings of Spanish music, she also conducts masterclasses and participates in contemporary premieres. As an artist-in-residence at The New York Opera Society, she successfully concluded the year 2023 with a U.S. tour of 'The Runaways' and the premiere of 'Us' at the Teatro de la Abadía, solidifying her outstanding musical career

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mario gas cabré

Mario Gas Cabré, renowned Spanish actor and theater director, has led more than fifty plays and operatic productions. His distinguished career includes recognition for his work as a voice actor, participating in over thirty films. Awarded the National Theater of Catalonia in 1996, he served as the director of the Spanish Theater in Madrid from 2004 to 2012. Among his recent works are the direction of 'The Dream of a Ridiculous Man' (2002) by F. Dostoevsky and 'The Poison of Theater' (2012) by Rodolf Sirera. Additionally, he has managed significant festivals and theaters in Barcelona and Madrid.

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