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jorge grundman - THE ART OF FLUTE


The Weill Recital Hall of Carnegie Hall in New York becomes the stage for the second monographic concert by composer Jorge Grundman to be held in this prestigious concert hall.


On this occasion, three renowned performers of international stature, the flutist Gili Schwarzman, the cellist Alisa Weilerstein, and the pianist Eduardo Frías, unite their talents to interpret a selection of the work for flute, cello and piano by Jorge Grundman. The recital will include three world premieres and a local premiere.

The city of New York becomes for Jorge Grundman not only the home that welcomed his parents, his older brother and his nephew, but also the place where some of the most important images of his life are produced, which are permanently reflected in his musical work and in numerous compositions inspired by the city and its inhabitants.

Lagerfeld in winter. Sonata for flute and piano Op. 77
00:00 / 17:48
De la hermosura y dignidad de nuestras almas. Flute trio Op. 43
00:00 / 14:36
Tan bonita como tú for flute and piano Op. 82
00:00 / 06:44
Facing Emotions for Flute, Cello & Piano
00:00 / 15:12
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