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Joel Frederiksen

In Joel Frederiksen, voice and strings come together brilliantly. A deep voice, very versatile, suggestive and beautiful, which he accompanies himself playing the lute, archlute, vihuela or guitar. Frederiksen studied voice and lute in New York and Michigan. Between 1990 and 1999, he was a member of the American early music ensembles The Waverly Consort and Boston Camerata. His deep bass singing and expressive interpretations have earned him worldwide acclaim. Likewise, the combination of early music with that of modern composers such as Nick Drake or Leonard Cohen demonstrates his profound knowledge of music not only as a performer, but also as an arranger with a taste that is as elegant as it is simple.


In 2003, after moving to Germany, he founded the Ensemble Phoenix Munich (EPM) for the recording of the CD "Orpheus, I am". With this ensemble he has explored the English, Italian, French and German repertoire of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Forays into the earliest music of Frederiksen's homeland, the United States, saw the release of the acclaimed harmonia mundi France CD "Rose of Sharon" in 2011. Moreover, Joel Frederiksen enjoys a very special bond with the Hispanic culture of both Spain and Latin America.

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