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Ópera Festival  mASKARADE

AUGUST 14 TO 27  │ SEPTEMBER 1 & 2, 2023 





1.    The 2nd Edition of the Opera Festival ‘Maskarade’ will take place in Santander, Cantabria, Spain, from 14th to 27th of August and 1st & 2nd of September 2023.

2.    The Festival is organised by Maskarade Ópera Estudio.


1.    The Festival consists mainly of the Masterclass Opera Studio (14-27 August) in which the participants will work on the roles of the opera Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and two professional performances of the same opera (1 & 2 September), for which the participants will have an opportunity to be selected during Masterclass.

2.    Participants must indicate their voice type and a preferred role in the application form.

3.    The Masterclass will conclude with performances open to the public, in which students selected by the Organiser will participate. Participation in these performances will not be remunerated.

4.    The performances will consist of a reduced version of the opera Don Giovanni by W.A. Mozart.

5.    The professional performances on the 1st and 2nd of September will take place at the CASYC Theatre in Santander, and will be accompanied by an orchestra conducted by Christian Frattima.


1.    The Masterclass is open to opera singers of any nationality, who have sufficient experience to perform the assigned roles in the opera.

2.    It is recommended that in order to make the most of the Masterclass Opera Studio, participants arrive at the beginning of the Festival with their role learned by heart.

3.    There is no age limit for participants.

4.    The Organiser assumes no responsibility for under-age participants. The application form of an under- age participant must be signed by one of their parents or by their legal guardian in which they assume full responsibility for the supervision of the participant during the entire course of the Festival, from their arrival to departure.


1.    Candidates are invited to choose the form of participation that suits them best:

a)    Active participant (fee: 590 euros), which includes:

i.    individual singing and interpretation lessons,

ii.    stage lessons,

iii.    preparation of the assigned role with the coaching pianist and rehearsals with the orchestra,

iv.    active participation in all meetings, rehearsals, and performance(s) for which they have been selected by the Organiser,

v.    characterization,

vi.    a cocktail at the Festival Gala and a certificate of active participation.

b)    Listener (fee: 390 euros), which includes:

i.    3 individual singing lessons,

ii.    opportunity to attend all classes, rehearsals, performances, and the Gala Concert as a listener,

iii.    a cocktail at the Festival Gala and a certificate of a participant-listener.

2.    The fee does not include accommodation and meals.


1. In order to actively participate in the Masterclass, candidates must send their application by e-mail to, which should include:

        a. A filled-in and signed application form (downloadable from the website

        b. A link to a recording of two arias of different musical styles, preferably one of them of the role for which the candidate is applying (the                  recording must be of good quality, clearly demonstrating the candidate's musical skills).

        c. A brief curriculum vitae.

        d. A good quality photograph of the candidate.


2. Candidates will be selected gradually in order of their submission of the application form until the deadline of 30.06.2023. As the participants' number is limited, it is recommended to send the application as soon as possible.


1. Candidates will be selected based on the recordings provided.

2. All candidates will be informed of the results of the selection by e-mail no later than 07.07.2023.

3. Selected candidates must send a proof of payment of the participation fee to no later than on 10.07.2023.

4. The payment must be transferred to the bank account of the Organiser:

         Beneficiary: CDS

         Bank: Banco Santander

          IBAN number: ES91 0049 0784 2623 9022 2760

         Account number: 0049 0784 26 2390222760

         Payment reference: "Ópera Estudio 2023".

5. The fee will not be refundable once it has been paid, except for justifiable reasons.

6. The Organiser will facilitate the reservation of accommodation with prices exclusive for the participants of the Festival. To request the reservation, please consult the Organiser and fill in an accommodation form.


1. Unless previously agreed with the Organiser, the selected active participants must attend all meetings, individual classes, rehearsals, and performances of the Festival.

2. Unless previously agreed with the Organiser, selected active participants must be punctual.


In recognition of their work and artistic quality throughout the Festival, two participants (one female and one male voice) will be selected to perform at the Festival Gala. Their performances at the Gala will not be remunerated.


All decisions of the Organiser are final.


1. The Organiser reserves the right to record sound and images of classes, rehearsals, performances, and the Gala Concert.

2. Participants in the Festival authorise the use of their images, performances, and interpretations exclusively for promotional activities of the Festival, free of charge.

3. Both active participants and listeners of the Festival authorise the use of their image exclusively for promotional purposes in the communication and marketing tools used by the Organiser.


The Terms and Conditions of the Festival will be governed by Spanish law. For any doubt, question or dispute arising from the fulfilment, interpretation, execution or non-fulfilment of the Festival rules, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid, waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them. The Terms and Conditions of the Festival in their original Spanish language take precedence.

Madrid, April 20  , 2023



Download the PDF and follow the instructions to conclude your registration.
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